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Marry Me

I love the romance of a surprise engagement. I mean a true surprise, no ring shopping, no timelines and certainly no ultimatums. That’s Lo the romantic. Lo the pragmatist can relate to the fear of being presented with a ring you’ll wear for a lifetime that perhaps you’re not quite as in love with as the man doing the presenting. That’s precisely why this marry me ring from Solange Azagury-partridge caught my eye. A token of true affection to be used as a placeholder for that diamond investment you can later pick out together.

And if you’re not convinced a surprise is worth the extra effort. Just look at the love in these eyes and read her full engagement story over on Style Me Pretty photographed by Blue Daisy Weddings. She clearly found a winner.

because when you say yes to the surprise the champagne will taste all the sweeter.

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A Gift From France

Having a French neighbor definitely has its perks. They go home for a visit and come back with a box of Laduree macaroons for moi! Yesterday I came home to the beautiful mint green Laduree bag at my door. Inside the most colorful happy macaroons just waiting for me to devour them, one by one. I’ve tried many an American made macaroon and sadly nothing comes close to the soft buttery miracle that is Laduree. I love the idea of macaroons for a Spring wedding guest favor. It’s not going to be easy but I’ll try and save one for T’s home coming tonight.

Elegant Pastels

I hope you’re all enjoying some time with family & friends this Easter and Passover weekend. This time of year it’s hard not to be swept up in soft pastels. The delicate colors we’ve been hiding behind grey winter sweaters in our closet and red polish on our nails. These sometime childish colors our seeing an elegant, feminine reassurance this Spring. Best showcases in Elle Saab’s Spring runway collection. Make the subtle bold by wearing one of this looks as your wedding gown. Or just be swept up in the romance of it all.


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Fishnets & Easter Eggs

I love a gorgeous Easter egg to adorn my holiday table but some of the DIY’s out there would have Picasso rolling his eyes. Between the dying. ribbon, glitter and precise hand painted adornments you’d need a workshop of elves to do the job, and isn’t that another holiday all together? Last year we used natural fruits, veggies and spices to dye our eggs. While we loved the rich colors the process was labor intensive. This year we set out for a simpler path to elegant and found it using gold paint and fishnet stockings. It’s true, fishnets really do spice everything up.

I found this great Noritake tea cup and saucer at Elegant Findings Antiques on Charles Street and thought it was just the vintage touch our fishnet clad egg needed. I think I’ll put one at each setting with a place card propped up against it. See full diy steps below. If you can draw a stick figure you can handle this one, promise.

I was thrilled to find Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom Eggs at Whole Foods which have a natural pale blue color to them. This is exactly the hue I was going for when my moment of Easter inspiration hit me while Spring cleaning. And with a hectic schedule this week I was thrilled to be able to skip the dying step all together.

First things first, you’ll need to hard boil your eggs. If you always end up with half your eggs cracked, you’re doing something wrong. Read Moo’s tips for the perfect hard boiled egg and you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache.

Next, place a fishnet stocking over your hard boiled egg. I used a fishnet sock from American Apparel just so there wouldn’t be as much excess material. Pull the stocking tight and tie off with a rubber band to secure.

Using a fine point paint brush fill sporadic squares created by the fishnet with the gold paint. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Be creative. I would just avoid painting too many side-by-side squares.

NOTE: I used Golden Acrylics paint in Iridescent Gold (course). Any acrylic paint would work but to get the look above make sure it has an iridescent quality to it. 

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Simple Roasted Salmon

I don’t eat much red meat so fish is a constant staple, but it wasn’t always that way. I used to have a fear of cooking it, thinking it was far too advanced for me. Wrong. Roasting a hardier fish, like salmon, couldn’t be easier and is faster than your ho-hum chicken. Moo’s simple roast salmon is just that, simple. But don’t be fooled, the loads of rosemary give it plenty of flavor. Ready in just 20 minutes, plan to make extra to transform into Moo’s Salmon Cakes.

still wondering who this moo i speak of is and what mondays with moo are all about? let me explain.

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Salmon Cakes

I’m sure most of you have had a crab cake or two in your day, but what about its cousin, the salmon cake? Moo’s simple preparation is the perfect accompaniment to your Easter or Passover meal. To keep their lightness we cook in Safflower oil instead of olive oil which can be a bit over powering. I love these for holiday entertaining because you can make the patties small for appetizers or a bit larger for a side. Plus you can make them a whole month in advance. Start with Moo’s Simple Roasted Salmon and your cakes will have the perfect flavoring.

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Flower Trend

There will always be your staple wedding flowers; the rose, peony, lily. And then there are the flower trends. 5 years ago it was the orchid and more recently baby’s breath made a resurgence. What’s next? I say the wax flower. Wonderfully natural and rustic while still managing to be feminine. I’m loving it in bouquets and mixed with wild flowers for centerpieces. I’m dying to use as a moss-like bed on an escort card table.  Do you have plans to use? Tell us how.

{image credit: Ruffled blog}

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Friday Musings

The weekend’s here! Time to kick off your shoes and have some fun. Speaking of shoes I’m in the market for the perfect pair of flats and these just might be them. I’m off to The Cape tomorrow for a client tasting (always my favorite meeting of the wedding planning process!). What do you have planned? We’ve got a few ideas in case you’re in need of some inspiration. Enjoy!

Practice your French by learning the lyrics to Zou bisou bisou, made famous by this week’s episode of Mad Men.

Get ready to decorate your Easter Eggs by prepping the perfect hard boiled egg. I can’t wait to share our decorating ideas next week.

Fall in love with my new European magazine obsession, Apartemento. I apologize in advance for the bundle you’ll be paying in postage.

And since mangos hit our market way up here in Boston use it as an excuse to make one of my favorite dishes,  Moo’s grilled shrimp salad

{image credit: on-your-toes flats, turquoise, anthropologie}

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A Desk To Call Your Own

I love being able to work from home, the dining room table as my desk my french bulldog the perfect office mate. Truth behold it doesn’t take much square footage, just a desk surface to call you own. Exchange the bench at the foot of your bed (which we all know is just a dumping ground for clutter) for a desk, and voila. Create a little corner of your home where your imagination is allowed to run wild.

{image: Suzanne Kalser Inspired Interiors, booked design by Doug Turshen with David Huang (please excuse the scan)}

Spring Cleaning

Testing, retesting and perfecting our 100 Monday with Moo recipes has taken a toll on my tiny city kitchen. Especially my concrete counters. While I love the industrial modern look scrubbing out the stains has become my arm workout and a contributing factor in what keeps me up at night. That is until I learned this little trick, which I’m told works like magic on any natural stone surface.

What’s the secret? Comet. Mix comet cleaning powder with water to form a paste. Apply evenly to your counter surface and allow to dry overnight. Whip clean with a wet, non-abrasive sponge. Any discoloration in the stone will be lifted. To best protect from future stains apply an even coat of sealer. I use Dry Treat Stain-proof original for natural stone.

I’m not going to lie, this is a bit of a process but it works and I’m kinda obsessed with the color of the Comet paste. I just might have found my Easter inspiration?

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